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The basic properties of Stata_dta_118 apply to all versions of the format. Numbers are represented as integers of 1, 2, and 4 bytes and floating-point numbers of 4 and 8 bytes. The ANSI/IEEE Standard 754-1985 format is used for floating-point binary values, which corresponds to the IEEE 754-2008 standard for floating-point numbers used in DTA files. The byte order (big-endian or little-endian), which varies depending on the operating system and processor hardware, is declared in the file header. In Stata_dta_118, strings are encoded in UTF-8, whether in data or variable names, etc. In previous versions, the encoding was ASCII. Stata usually places a binary zero (Hex 00, written in the Stata documentation) at the end of strings. However, the structural details have changed significantly on some format versions, especially between versions 115 and 117. Most of the details in this Stata_dta_118 description will be relevant to versions 117 and 119, which are not described separately at this time. Stata_dta files can be imported and/or exported to other statistical software, including SPSS and SAS. readstata13 is an R package for reading and writing Stata file formats in a data.frame R. Stata_dta versions 102 through 118 are supported. Stat/Transfer, a popular statistical data conversion program, can read and write files Stata_dta.

The Stata_dta format is accepted by most statistical archives. The ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research) accepts and distributes datasets in this format. The UK`s data archive lists Stata_dta as acceptable in its table of file formats. The instructions of the GESIS archives in Germany on the preparation of data for submission list the Stata_dta among the preferred formats. The list of preferred and acceptable file formats for danS (Data Archive and Networked Services) lists the format Stata_dta as preferred. The Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS Data Archive. Link via Internet Archive.) accepts Stata_dta, but prefers an ASCII file such as CSV. The popular NESSTAR software suite for compiling a collection of datasets for online detection and analysis does not appear to support importing files Stata_dta into the NESSTAR Publisher module. A list of recommended or acceptable formats contained in the Stata_dta format comes from the Colorado School of Mines. The Dataverse guide to saving Stata files states: „Stata does by far the best job of documenting the internal format of its files.

For this reason, Stata is the best supported format for recording tabular data. The Stata_dta format (with the .dta extension) is a proprietary binary format developed as a native format for records using Stata, a system of statistics and data analysis. Stata 1.0 was released for IBM PC in 1985. Stata is now available for Windows, Mac OS and Unix. Versions of the DTA format are numbered separately from the Stata application. The version 118 described in this document, which was named „Stata_dta_118“ on this website, was introduced in April 2015 with Stata 14 and is also the default file format for Stata 15, released on June 6, 2017. A newer version of Stata_dta (version 119) was introduced in Stata 15, but is only used for records with more than 32,767 variables, as stated by Stata/MP. Stata 15`s help for dta states: „Stata itself can read older formats, but every time it writes a recording, it writes in 118 format. If a record contains more than 32,767 variables, Stata writes in 119 format. For more information about the version history Stata_dta and the version (sometimes referred to as the „version“) of the dataset format associated with which version of the application, see the notes. Data stored in DTA files is stored in binary for plain text format.

We just released the Fragile Families Challenge data in .dta format, which means that the files now contain metadata that was not available in the .csv files we originally published. The DTA format is native to Stata, and you may prefer to use R. In this article, I will give some tips on how to run the DTA file in R. If you have any questions – and suggestions – you are welcome to post them at the end of this article. The Stata_dta_118 format is mainly used in conjunction with the stata statistical software, which is widely used, especially in the academic environment. See, for example, Quantitative File Formats for Preservation, an article on the Digital Preservation Coalition`s blog that points out that the majority of datasets received by the Irish Social Science Data Archive are in SPSS, SAS and Stata formats. DTA is a file extension used by various programs and applications and is supported by many operating systems. DTA can store data in binary text or ASCII format. For more information about these important aspects of the Stata_dta_118 format, see String Representation and Digital Representation.

Although we know a file format that. DTA file extension, there may be more. It is widely used that different programs use files with the same file extension for very different data types. Please let us know if you know any other type of. DTA. You will probably only come across a DTA file from Chain Engineering if the Chain Engineering program is installed on your computer. If you do not have the program installed on your computer and you do not specialize in industrial chain players, your DTA file will probably store other information. DTA files are used to store the information necessary for the proper functioning of a particular application. The DTA format is also one of the most important components used by the Turbo Pascal programming language (which is rarely used today). Turbo Pascal DTA files store the data referenced in the code.

Unsure about which type of file you want to open? Try our new file scanner. It`s a free tool that can identify over 11,000 different file types – probably yours too! It will help you find software that can handle your specific file type. Download File Analyzer here. Turbo Pascal software uses the DTA file format for data files referenced by the software application. The Stata software application also uses the DTA file format for stored recording files. The World Bank`s STARS and PC file programs also use the .dta file suffix for data files used by these applications. Files that contain the .dta file extension are often associated with a variety of computer applications for a wide range of data file formats. The most common DTA files are usually stored in binary or plain text format.

Although the .dta format has remained somewhat similar over the years, significant changes have been made. Here is a history of current versions: The DTA format is typically used as EZ-Forms data files to create and print all types of documents and forms. Your computer doesn`t open a DTA file? We explain what they are used for and recommend software that we know yours. DTA files. Stata_dta is a download format for several data archives, including the Federal Reserve`s consumer finance survey. Current demographic survey data for social, economic and health research can be downloaded in Stata_dta format, as can the NORC General Social Survey at the University of Chicago. See also Examples and Stata Datasets. Survey Solutions, the World Bank Group`s free software for collecting data from structured interviews or online surveys, includes Stata_dta in their data export files. .

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